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Who is Glacier Black?

Let Adventure Drive you!

Glacier Black was founded on the idea making a difference and a positive change in the community and the world. Glacier Black is made up of ideas and principles that will elevate you to newer heights and even deeper depths. We strive to create and innovate products that will be safe, ecological, sustainable and down right Cool! Glacier Black hopes to drive you to #adventure with purpose


Shawn A. Breaux

Co-Founder/ CEO/ Lead Designer

I began my love of the outdoors as a Boy Scout. My first time on rope was at Philmont Scout Ranch in 1987. This was the scariest and most fun thing I had ever done. This experience was the catalyst for exploring the opportunities and adventures of Climbing, Mountaineering and Rappelling rock faces, cliff bands and waterfalls. Being in and connecting with nature has led me many places and meeting great people. I have always wanted to be in the outdoor industry to be able to give back to all that has molded me in to who I am today. The outdoors and its community members drives me to be better. 


Steven DeRoch

Co-Founder Emeritus

In 2016, Steven DeRoch founded Glacier Black, inspired by a vision to tackle environmental pollution through innovative products. Initially, the company focused on recycling cigarette butts into sleeping bags, reflecting the distressing sight of pollution-darkened glaciers. As Steven's enthusiasm for canyoneering grew, Glacier Black pivoted to specialize in canyoneering equipment. A pivotal partnership with canyoneering expert Shawn Breaux brought about "The PaliKoa," a revolutionary descender, and marked the beginning of an expansive product line that included ropes, bags, and carabiners.


Under Steven and Shawn's leadership, Glacier Black expanded its footprint internationally, introducing their high-quality canyoneering equipment to markets around the world. In the fall of 2022, Steven passed the leadership torch to Shawn, focusing his energies on new adventures and ventures.


Today, Steven continues to indulge his passion for canyoneering across Central and South America and explores the world through sailing and scuba diving. He also leads Golden Atlas Investment Group, which invests in outdoor companies and supports innovative ideas, helping young entrepreneurs under 30 navigate the complexities of the business world.


Upcoming Events

July 24-28, 2024


August 14-18, 2024

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November 1-10, 2024

Our Partners

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Grand Canyon

IME Utah

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