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@HowNOT2 Canyoneering - Fiddlesticks Break Test


"I broke test some fiddlesticks that Scott Koch sent and they bent but broke the dynamic rope at 17.26kn. The static rope broke the fiddlestick at 13.14kn and the dynamic rope broke before the fiddlestick at 17.26kn. Hit him up if you want some or just want to nerd out with him on it at

I then rigged a highline and tried to derig it from the far side. With some minor changes, I'm sure it could work and be a solution for flash rigs on tower projects. Then I tested feather pro on a fiddlestick wrapped around a bolt and it reduces my webbing down to 12.64kn instead of the 22kn+ I normally would get." - @HowNOT2

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